Balers & Baling Equipment
Tower Compactor Rentals offers a large selection of cardboard baler equipment rentals that can help your business improve waste efficiencies and recycling efforts. There are many models cardboard balers available. The requirements of your particular business – whether retail, service, manufacturing, or industrial – will determine which cardboard baler is right for you.

Tower only rents heavy duty high quality, state-of-the-art cardboard balers, that require low maintenance, and will reliably compress & bale recyclable cardboard into manageable sizes that are easily transported to nearby recycling centers. Your business not only earns revenue, but showcases to the community that your firm is doing its part to be green.

Benefits of cardboard balers & cardboard recycling

Recycling cardboard is environmentally friendly and can be a dependable source of revenue. It is an important component of your company’s comprehensive waste management strategy.
Statistics support the growing importance of cardboard recycling. In the United States, the corrugated packaging industry is a multibillion dollar industry and the vast majority of all products are shipped in corrugated boxes. Over 80% of old corrugated cardboard packaging is generated by the commercial sector of the economy.

Cardboard recycling provides many benefits:

  • Reduced waste disposal costs by removing cardboard
  • Generates revenue through recycling
  • Reduces labor costs associated with cardboard flattening & handling
  • Streamlines waste processing operations for better productivity
  • Creates a safer work environment and reduces potential fire hazards
  • Reduces clutter and improves the appearance of your place of business
Quality, professional grade cardboard balers
Cardboard balers produce different bale sizes. Most recycling centers accept cardboard in 48-inch, 60-inch, or 72-inch bales. A Tower representative will consult with you to determine the right cardboard baler for your needs.
Vertical Cardboard Balers

Tower vertical cardboard balers are great for areas with limited space. Vertical balers are common in retail, office, manufacturing, and industrial sectors. Our vertical bailers heavy-duty and dependable. Many product features are available, they are easy to set-up and require low maintenance.

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