octagon-compaction-containerCompaction containers come in many sizes and shapes. It is important to choose the right container for your specific application in order for you to get the maximized benefit. Octagon and rectangular containers are built in a variety of sizes. Containers come with standard universal under structure and hook.

Octagon containers are the most common in the market place today. The contoured end of the octagon compaction container creates a rolling effect as solid waste is compressed into the container, filling all voids. Failure to match your container with the force rating of the Compactor to which it will be attached can result in damage to both the compactor and the container.

Rectangular containers are often found in areas where space is a concern. The rectangular container allows for more waste to be stored in a smaller space and still offers many of the same features as the octagon container.
Smaller compaction containers can be unloaded into a standard garbage truck for easy pick-ups. Options for front load or rear load dumping and automatic lid locking systems make these containers user and hauler friendly. Smaller compaction containers are ideal for a small business.

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