Cash Flow

Allows you to invest your cash into other non-depreciating assets for your business.

Tax Benefits

Your rental payments may be a fully deductible operating expense. Consult your tax professional for full details.

Renting Fits Your Budget

Renting is a budget decision vs. an investment decision. A compactor or baler will save money in hauling bills and offer potential cost avoidance.

Ability To Upgrade Equipment

Should your needs change you are not limited to existing equipment. Change of equipment may be negotiated to meet your needs.

Fixed Payments / No Repair Bills

Your monthly payment is a fixed amount throughout the term of the agreement. Normal maintenance and repairs are included at no additional cost to you.

Higher Renting Power / Does not Effect Credit Line

Renting does not effect your credit line or ability to borrow. Renting provides 100% coverage of equipment, freight, and installation costs without down payments, compensating balances and restrictive covenants often required for bank loan financing.

Advantages of Compaction

  • Controls odor
  • Reduces volume
  • Improves security
  • Improves sanitation
  • Reduces fire hazard
  • Prevents rodent control
  • Prevents illegal dumping
  • Improves return on investment
  • Decreases monthly spending cost
  • Reduces labor costs and increases productivity
  • Prevents increased spending due to seasonal changes and increased business