Welcome To Tower Compactor Rentals

Tower Compactor Rentals LLC. is a nationwide distributor, installer, and service provider of waste equipment. We provide commercial
and industrial businesses with the following:

Compactor Rental

Tower Compactor Rentals provides a full line of stationary compactors, self-contained compactors, Balers, hydraulic cart dumpers, and specialty compaction equipment. We offer the latest in environmental innovation with top quality waste compaction and waste handling equipment.

Compactor Service & Parts

Tower's compactor service technicians can work on all types of balers and compactor makes & models. We offer same day service where available, or compactor service within a 24-hour turnaround time and will provide rapid service to mitigate "environmental issues." We schedule preventative maintenance to avoid problems before they arise.

Balers & Baling Equipment

Tower Compactor Rentals offers a large selection of cardboard baler equipment rentals that can help your business improve waste efficiencies and recycling efforts. There are many models cardboard balers available. The requirements of your particular business - whether retail, service, manufacturing, or industrial - will determine which cardboard baler is right for you.

Compactor Sales

Purchasing compaction equipment through Tower allows you to receive the best purchase price within the market. Tower works with all of the major manufacturers and has the ability to present you with several options to keep you within budget

Waste is often special to your industry so you want to make sure you choose the right compactor for your waste needs. Tower Compactor Rentals will help you to choose the right container so that you can maximize the benefits of compaction for your business. We will help you to pick a system that will provide the most weight you can put into a compaction container, while making sure they are within the regulations or restrictions of your your state/city/haulers.